Error Messages

Error Code Failure Condition (Generate OTP) Failure Message Body
GN01 This message is used when the telephone number or Email Address is null or blank The telephone number & e-mail address can't be null or empty, put one recipient address.
GN02 If the telephone number is not in the E.164 format The telephone number must have 2 to 15 numbers.
GN03 If the account ID is null or blank The Account ID cannot be null.
GN04 If account validation fails, i.e., it doesn’t exists in the database This Account is not valid.
GN05 If the token length is less than 4 The length of token cannot be less than 4.
GN06 If the token length is more than 9. The length of token cannot be more than 9.
GN07 If the message body is empty Message body cannot be Empty.
GN08 If time out doesn't satisfy the range values Timeout value cannot be greater than one month or less than 30 seconds.
GN09 If A2P hub couldn't send the SMS and failed to generate an order ID No SMS Order ID was generated.
GN10 If the length of messageBody is more than 150 characters, as that is the maximum amount allowed through SMS. The length of message body shouldn't be more than 500 Characters.
GN11 If the pinType value is other than 0 or 1. The value of token type can either be 0(Numeric) or 1 (Alphanumeric).
GN12 If a different MFA Account ID is sent instead of the one associated with the username. Only the associated account IDs with current Signed-in client can be used for this service.
GN13 If the expiry date of the MFA Account has reached or exceeded. This account has expired.
GN14 If the logged in user is a Trial user and the maximum number of requests has been exhausted. The number of token generation requests for this trial account have been exhausted.
GN15 If generate token endpoint with E-Mail is used and email send failed No Sinch Notification e-mail notification ID generated.
GN16 If generic generate token endpoint with any key is used however the key is invalid. Length of Recipient key should be between 5 to 50 characters.
GN17 Header and message body miss match... used 2part in message body but not in header Invalid message format header, type does not match message.
GN18 No Hub Account is setup to send Email or SMS No Hub Account for selected activity.
GN19 This message is used in GenereteByKey functionality and key is null or blank The "key" parameter can't be null or empty, please enter a phone number or email-address.
GN20 This message is used when both the telephone number and Email Address are not blank The telephone number & e-mail address can't be used at the same time.
GN21 This message is used when the phone number cant be reached or is not a valid. Message must contain at least one valid destination.
VL01 If a blank OTP is entered One time password cannot be empty.
VL02 If while validation, the telephone no was left empty or doesn’t satisfy E.164 standards The telephone number must have 2 to 14 numbers.
VL03 If the accountID is left blank The Account ID cannot be null.
VL04 If no records were found for the provided accountID and telephone number combination for validation No record was found for the provided verification parameters.
VL05 If the entered PIN time out period gets expired The entered PIN has expired.
VL06 If entered PIN is wrong Wrong PIN entered. No of tries remaining : #NoOfTriesRemaining
VL07 If maximum tries for the generate PIN is finished The maximum number of tries for this pin been reached. Please generate another pin.
VL08 If the pin entered has been already used This PIN might have been already used.
VL09 Used pin was not found, this can happen when it is invalid or expired Either no record was found or the entered PIN has expired.
VL10 Invalid Account Setup provisioning No code returned

For the HTTP error codes please refer to the HTTP Error/Status Codes article in the knowledgebase: