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The following section describes the Sinch Authentication 365 Application Programming Interface (API) and shows how customers can use the Two Factor authentication (2FA) service to help protect their application(s).

Covering the following:

  • System Message Definition - messages design of the API and the systems/software that support it.
  • Security - overall security approach of the API service.
  • Authorization – definition of authentication method API to request an oAuth Bearer Token for subsequent requests.
  • Token Generation and Validation - definitions of each of the messages in the API. There are several variation of token generation, including 2-part tokens, URL validation with support for 2-step URL validation as well as TOTP code validation.
  • Error Messages - List of possible error messages from the application.
  • Example Requests - examples (in JavaScript) of how to write an Authentication 365 Requests and the Result Set provided.