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Administrative Dashboard

The Sinch Authentication 365 administrative dashboard provides an administrative user interface that allows you to:

  • View/modify your account information and defaults
  • Validate and test the service
  • View basic analytical information, that is, the number of Generated PINs and Number of Validated PINs
  • View detailed traffic information for your various accounts
  • View information about your subaccounts.
  • Create and manage your API keys (or usage with the API).
  • Create and manage users for your account and subaccounts.
  • Manage soft-tokens for your users.

To access the Sinch Authentication 365 admin dashboard:

Enter the following URL in your browser:

The Sinch Authentication 365 landing page is displayed:


Click Log in or Login for Customers.

You may only see this Log On page the first time you log on, as subsequent logins will remember the browser and application (Sinch Authentication Administrative Dashboard) as well as SAP Cloud Identity credentials (typically email address and password).

Enter your username and password. Click Log On.


Contact your Sinch Digital Interconnect Account Manager to obtain your login details if you do not already have them.

The Sinch Authentication 365 Administration homepage is displayed


The administration home page contains the following menu items:

  • Accounts – allows you to view or modify your account information defaults.
  • Sub Accounts – displays account information for your sub accounts i.e. (e.g. child accounts, which fall under your main or “parent” account. This allows you to compare the traffic for your different sub-accounts.
  • Validation – allows you to validate and test the service – this panel has three tabs to differentiate the different types of authentication capabilities that you can test.
  • Analytics – allows you to view analytical information, for example, the number of generated PINs, number of validated PINs, average validation times etc.
  • API Keys – List and manage API Keys to be used to validate the API service.
  • Traffic – allows you to view the traffic for your various accounts – This can be useful for tracing or debugging purposes.
  • Soft Tokens – List and manage user’s soft tokens that have been defined either through the UI or API calls. Soft token support is for TOTP compliant soft token apps such as Google Authenticator and other similar mobile apps.
  • Users – List and manage Users that will have access to the Account, these users will have permission to see information for the accounts, manage API Keys as well as traffic and analytics permissions to check usage.
  • Documentation - displays the documentation for Sinch Authentication 365