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Viewing Analytics

To view analytical information, click the Analytics menu. The Analytics Page is displayed.  Select your account (if you have sub-accounts) and proceed with selecting a date range:


This page displays various analytical information:

  • number of generated PINs (URL Validations, 2-Step URL Validations count as a “generated PIN.”)
  • number of successfully validated PINs (including URL validations and 2-Step URL validations as well as successful TOTP validations are counted).
  • average validation time
  • median validation time
  • chart showing daily generated trends
  • chart showing daily validated trends
  • chart showing monthly generated trends
  • chart showing monthly validated trends

You may also filter the analytics by a date range.  You must select one or more Authentication 365 accounts for which to view.  Click Show Report to generate the analytics for the configured filters.  Alternatively, you may click Download Report to export the data in the current report to a CSV format.