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User Management

With the User Management Screen, you may create additional users to have access to your account. These users will be able to help manage the account, as well as look into traffic.


1. Creating User

To add users, click on the Add User button, a popup will appear requesting the user email.


If the user doesn’t have an account with SAP Cloud Identity, the user will be requested to fill out the First and Last Name.

The New user should receive and email to confirm the ownership and set the first password, once that is done the user will be redirected back to the Authentication365 Website.


After the user is created it will appear in the Administrator User List.


2. Remove User

To remove a user, select a user on the User List and Press the Remove User button on the User Information Dialog


You will be prompted to confirm the removal.


Once the user is removed it will no longer be shown in the user list. (Keep in Mind that the user will be just removed from accessing the Sinch Authentication 365 System, but it will keep the user in the Cloud Identity, so if you add the user later on it will keep the same User ID).